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Take your business into the future with EMS systems for gyms, personal trainers, med spas, and recovery centers.

Latest Technology
We stay on top of the latest innovations and technology. By partnering with us, your wellness- centered business has the opportunity to offer clients a service they won't find anywhere else.
Limitless Possibilities
Control up to 10 suits at once with our VB Pro system, or instruct a limitless number of clients with the user-controlled VB ProMaxx version of our efficiency- improving product.
Safe & Comfortable
The wireless design of our suits allows for complete freedom of movement without tangled cables, and the second skin-like material is antimicrobial and breathable for maximum comfort.

Welcome to VBTec Technologies


At VBTec, we’re driven to stay ahead of the industry, bringing innovative solutions to business owners in the fitness industry. We strive to deliver products and services that empower people to achieve their full potential and live a healthier, more active lifestyle. We work alongside gym owners, personal trainers, med spas, yoga/Pilates studios, recovery centers, and more to not only revolutionize the way we train our bodies, but to revolutionize the way you do business. While EMS/EMA technology has boomed in Europe for over a decade, the USA has yet to fully experience the technology you have to feel to believe.

As pioneers in the fitness industry, we understand that standing out as a big fish in the vast ocean of health and wellness can be difficult. Our goal at VBTec is to help great businesses grow and thrive by partnering with you to provide a product and service your clients won’t find anywhere else. We manufacture our own technology and textiles to provide superior quality in every aspect of our products – quality you can pass on to your members/clients with confidence.

What Can VB Pro & VB ProMaxx Do for Your Business?


Our VB Pro and ProMaxx systems provide an opportunity for businesses in fitness and wellness-focused industries to fill an open niche that can set them apart from the competition. Whether you're a physical therapist working one- on-one with a patient, a med spa providing cellulite treatments to a client, an. instructor of a large group class like yoga, or a coach looking to increase the effectiveness of practices, our state-of-the-art EMS/EMA suits are the key to faster results, which means better client retention and a more lucrative business model.

VB Powersuit users report a higher increase in muscle strength and definition faster than by using conventional training methods. Our system is designed to help burn fat and tone muscle by utilizing our industry first, proprietary sets of low, mid, and high frequencies unavailable in previous versions of the tech, providing a myriad of health, beauty, recovery, and wellness benefits. Users report having more energy, less visible cellulite, stronger muscles, better sleep, pain relief, increased stamina, and more.

Be More Than Just Another Fitness & wellness Business


In a competitive environment such as the health and wellness industry, it's vital to the success of your business to be able to set yourself apart from the competition. It can be difficult to stand out in a sea of gyms, personal trainers, med spas, yoga studios, and recovery centers that are all trying their best to come up with creative ways to get the attention of their target market. VB Tec offers a way for your business to not only stand out but deliver on the seemingly too-good-to-be-true results it promises. Once your members and clients feel it, they're sure to believe it.

By incorporating EMS/EMA (Electro Muscular Stimulation/Activation), you'll offer your members and clients an unparalleled fitness experience that even professional athletes use to level up their performance. EMS/EMA is a game-changer that will set your business apart from the competition and establish your facility as the go-to destination for cutting-edge fitness, wellness, and recovery solutions.


VB ProMaxx


Control the room more effectively than ever. The VB ProMaxx system can be. used for classes or sessions of any size due to their user-controlled interface.. Users simply put on the suit, secure the Powerbox, and connect wirelessly to the iPhone App that they can control themselves. The user-controlled aspect allows trainers and instructors to teach as many individuals as needed, while giving users the freedom to adjust the intensity in response to their body.

The VB ProMaxx gives businesses in the fitness and wellness industries the ability to train any number of clients simultaneously. This alleviates the restrictions that conventional training and teaching methods can put on. trainers, allowing you to offer a higher number of slots per class, more classes. per day as training sessions take less time, and faster results than the competition.

VB Pro


The VB Pro system is ideal for fitness and wellness-focused businesses that cater to sessions or classes of 1-10 individuals at a time or sports teams that want to incorporate EMS/EMA training into their practices. Our pro system consists of the Powersuit, Powerbox, and iPad App that allows one person to control the settings and intensity of up to 10 suits individually in a single dashboard. Receive real-time information about each suit and its user such as heart rate monitoring, motion tracking, electrode intensity levels, and be alerted if an electrode is not making proper contact..

With a streamlined interface and user-friendly app design, the VB Pro system puts you as the professional in control of your class, session, or team practice. Anyone who experiences an introductory class with the VB Pro Powersuit will be able to feel the difference and the quality that put VBTec at the top of our industry.


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20 min Sessions

Advanced EMS/EMA Equipment


EMS technology has been around since the ancient Egyptians discovered. that they could treat paralysis by utilizing fish that emit electricity. Ever since then, the use of electro muscular stimulation as a recovery tool and a training enhancement has grown and developed into something we're proud to be involved in. Our use of EMS and the newer, more versatile Electro Muscular Activation technologies are helping us revolutionize the. future of fitness, recovery, and overall wellness..

The result of the last decade of hard work and innovation have resulted in a revolutionary product that reduces wasted time, minimizes the risk of injuries, and alleviates back and joint pain. Now that this product is available to the world, our goal is to utilize this state-of-the-art EMS/EMA technology to help individuals achieve their desired results.

Save Time for You & Your Members & Clients.


One of the greatest advantages of offering EMS/EMA at your gym is the time efficiency it brings. In today's fast-paced world, the second most common reason people give for not exercising is that they simply don't have time. Our. modern EMS/EMA equipment offers a solution to that problem in the form of. time-effective workouts coupled with the latest tech to help clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals efficiently. In just 20 minutes, clients can experience a. full-body workout that yields the results of 4 hours of conventional training..

The time-efficiency of these workouts also benefits you as a business owner.. With the training enhancements of the VB Pro and ProMaxx systems, you can achieve greater results in less time, opening up your schedule to take on more. clients or offer more classes. Boost your revenue with the additional time slots and increased attendance capacity..




The Future Is Conveniently Cordless


If you're familiar with EMS/EMA technology, you might remember the bulky, uncomfortable suits with wires that kept you confined to a machine and needed to be made wet in order to work properly. The technology of the past has served as inspiration for us to create the world's most advanced wireless EMS/EMA wearable equipment in a comfortable and ultra-light second skin design. 

Join us in helping your clients take control of their wellbeing while enjoying unparalleled comfort and unrestricted movement. The modern Powersuit design not only has a drastically increased level of comfort and convenience, but the lack of cumbersome cords and wires also reduces the risk of injury to your clients from trips and falls. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to move with ease.


Have questions? We’re here to help


what is ems/ema?

The VB Tec Powersuit System is a total body workout with body current.

In this context, it might be helpful to know that our muscles contract through electric impulses (bioelectronics) in the normal state.

The VB Tec Powersuit System makes use of this effect with electrical

muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, which is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses, leading to muscle growth and strength. The impulses generated by the VB Tec Powersuit System are delivered through 20 pre-placed electrodes in the VB Tec Power Suit that make contact with the skin near the stimulated muscles.


Low frequency (EMS) 0 – 100 Hz is traditional EMS and offers surface stimulation. This requires the body to feel the current and send a message to the brain and wait for the brain to send a message back to inform the muscles to contract based on the perceived stimuli.


Middle frequency (EMA) 2000 – 7000 Hz provides a stimulus directly to the muscle fibers by penetrating deeper than a low frequency stimulation thereby immediately contracting the muscle fibers. The neuropathic message is sent to the brain that the muscle is already in a state of contraction. This type of involuntary contraction and the change in the neural pathway reverses the voluntary exchange between the brain and the muscle which thereby assists with neuroplasticity.

The VB Tec Powersuit System utilizes both low and middle frequencies which stimulate Type I & Type II muscle fibers activating 90% of these muscle fibers in the body.

how many individuals can be controlled simultaneously by one trainer?

We are VBTec, the developer, manufacturer and seller of the market leader wireless EMS/EMA system of the latest technology. We are the only company worldwide, who made it possible that 30, or even more people can participate together in any kind of group training – indoor or outdoor, while boosting efficiency in only 20min, by using our wireless EMS/EMA system.


VB Powersuit System

Our Powersuit works without cables. It is flexible like a second skin and gives total freedom during the training. It is completely hygienic, it can be washed in a normal washing machine. Our Powersuit connects to the body after a few minutes of warmup and communicates between the iPad and the body. The special VBTec iPad operates through Bluetooth.



We have more than 40 different training program setting possibilities, like strength, endurance, fat-burning, anti-cellulite, sparring, etc., thanks to the different combinations of low and middle frequencies.



The VBTec system can be combined with any sports equipment or activity, indoor and outdoor. Yoga, dancing, or running on the treadmill while using the VBTec system is not a problem.


The VBTec Pro Group Training System
This gives the possibility to operate 1-10 suits from one iPad at the same time, so even sports teams (like soccer or basketball) can integrate our EMS/EMA-System into their daily workouts.


VBTec ProMaxx Group Training System

This system is perfect for larger classes over 20 people, like spinning or Zumba. It is a booster during the classes, shortens the time and increases efficiency. We have 3 different continuous programs in this version and 20 iPods, so each client can set the intensity themselves..

what is the difference between the powersuits and powervests?

a. VB Tec was the first to revolutionize the professional EMS/EMA market with the wireless VB Tec Powersuit.


The VB Tec Powersuit fits like a second skin. It is also made from a skin-friendly material, providing antibacterial features, maximum flexibility, and optimal electrode conductivity without the need to wet with water or gels.


VB Tec’s EMS/EMA Powersuit is the latest generation EMS/EMA suit which allows for the muscle groups to be trained to improve overall body composition, strength, and endurance.

Thanks to sophisticated technologies, this EMS/EMA suit is wireless and allows much more freedom of movement during training, both indoors and outdoors. Designed to activate up to 10 different muscle groups, the VB Tec

b. The VB Tec EMS/EMA Powervest technology provides the same stimulation effect as the VB Powersuit, which allows for muscle groups to be trained to improve overall body composition, strength, and endurance. This wireless one-piece EMS/EMA vest makes easy and effective EMS/EMA training possible with great applications for VB Med, VB Beauty as well as VB Pro. Can also be utilized as a first-time demo vest for interested members and clients. The VB Powervest requires wetting of a VB Tec undergarment to create a proper stimulation effect.

what about the charging of the ems/ema box? can the battery be changed?

Every Pro System will be delivered with 2 batteries.
Each battery holds approximately 6 hours by permanent training (it depends on the selected program, intensity and how old the battery is). You can charge it external via USB-C cable or on a charging station, and it is changeable. It is a LP-E10 camera battery. Clients from USA will receive the battery from Amazon and Swiss clients get them from local dealers in case they are not to be allowed to be shipped by air.

is the vbtec ems/ema system fda certified?

Yes, the EMS/EMA Suit is FDA cleared, TUV and biocompatibility tested. It is considered a Class II medical device.

The EMS/EMA Suit has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure its safety and effectiveness for use in electrical muscle stimulation therapy. The FDA certification is a guarantee that the EMS/EMA Suit meets the standards set by the FDA for medical devices and that it is safe and effective for use as intended. 

can i wash the ems suit?

Yes, easy care at maximum 86°F. Maximum spin speed: 800 min.
Visionbody home EMS suit does not need to be washed after each training session.
Wash the suit in the included mesh laundry bag, do not turn it inside out.
Fasten all Velcro fasteners before washing.

However, after each training session, the EMS suit should be turned “inside out” so that it can dry much faster.

It is recommended to wash the Visionbody EMS suit after 3-4 training sessions.
A mild detergent (without bleach) should be used. Do not use fabric softene


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Let’s connect and assist you in elevating your fitness and wellness business to new heights. As a leading force in the global health & wellness industry, we look forward to partnering with enthusiastic individuals and companies that are committed to delivering innovative whole-body wellness solutions to optimize human potential and enhance the quality of life for their members and clients. We offer our exclusive technology solely to those who demonstrate a genuine commitment to the innovation of whole-body wellness and quality of life for their clients.