Save Time

Save time working out in the gym. One 20 minute EMS training session equals to 180 minutes of. conventional exercise.


Burn Calories

WB EMS body training combined with cardio sessions helps to get your. muscles toned, burn fat and reduce. cellulite.


Stay Healthy

Unlike regular training with weights, EMS (WB) Body Workout Training will not put additional pressure on your joints.

Train at home

Be it your home or office, we come to you and train at your location. We serve the greater Chicagoland

The benefits of EMS Training

Why Choose VisionBody EMS Training?


  1. Efficiency: Enhances muscle activation, accelerates fat loss in just 20-minutes.
  2. Convenience: Train at home or in your office, saving travel time.
  3. Personalization: Tailored workouts designed to meet your specific goals
  4. Results: Experience visible improvements in strength, endurance, and muscle tone.
  5. Safety: Trainers ensure safe and effective sessions.

Take the first step towards a stronger, fitter you. Contact us today to schedule your VisionBody EMS training session at your preferred location.

revolution in fitness!

Whole Body (WB) EMS Training works with electric impulses which are similar to the body's natural. stimulus transductions. These additional impulses are stimulating muscles via the adjustable EMs VisionBody Training Suit. This state-of-the-art technology gives all the benefits of a 180-minute workout in just 20 minutes. Just 2 training sessions per week is enough! EMS Body Workout Training allows gaining muscle mass and shedding fat, increases calorie-burning capacity, and boosts metabolism.



increase in strength


increase in breathing efficiency


muscle fiber recruitment

(vs. 40% in standard exercise)


increase in speed & explosiveness


improvement in waist-to-hip ratio


drop in total cholesterol

If you are interested in WEIGHT LOSS FAST, do not wait and TRY IT NOW!

Whatever your style, we have what you need to achieve your goals.



Lose Weight Fast, Tone Your Body, Burn Fat and Increase Your Muscle Strength In Only 20 Minutes Per Week with Best EMS Workout Program in Chicago....

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Professional EMS Training at Your Convenience

Transform your fitness routine with our professional VisionBody EMS training, now available for sessions in the comfort of your own home or office. Whether you're a busy professional looking to optimize your workout schedule or someone who prefers privacy and convenience, our certified trainers will come to you, bringing the transformative power of EMS technology right to your doorstep.

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But That's Not All!

At Visionbody, we've discovered that muscle training can be even more effective by combining low and medium frequencies in a specific way, like a "cocktail". Only this unique blend creates real deep muscular tension that feels natural, just like traditional training!


That’s why we're immensely proud of our EMS technology…


Fast-twitch muscle fibers (Type II) can typically only be trained with heavy weights and few repetitions, or with fast and explosive exercises like jumps. However, these "type II muscle fibers" are crucial for fat loss and overall health as we age.

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Have questions?
We have answers!

is this equipment safe and tested?

Yes, the Visionbody Powersuit system is FDA cleared, TUV and biocompatibility tested. It is considered a Class II medical device.


The Powersuit has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure its safety and effectiveness for use in electrical muscle stimulation therapy. The FDA certification is a guarantee that the Powersuit meets the standards set by the FDA for medical devices and that it is safe and effective for use as intended. 

who is our ems system for?

The Visionbody Powersuit is intended for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to be physically active and achieve excellent results in a short time, it gives a boost to all sports activities, but above all, it is excellent for strength training – and that without lifting heavy weights.

can i combine ems with other sports activities?

The Visionbody EMS System can be used to give a “boost” to all sports activities. Apart from swimming, all sports activities are possible and can benefit from additional EMS training.

can i wash the ems suit?

Yes, easy care at maximum 86°F. Maximum spin speed: 800 min.
Visionbody home EMS suit does not need to be washed after each training session.
Wash the suit in the included mesh laundry bag, do not turn it inside out.
Fasten all Velcro fasteners before washing.


However, after each training session, the EMS suit should be turned “inside out” so that it can dry much faster.


It is recommended to wash the Visionbody EMS suit after 3-4 training sessions.
A mild detergent (without bleach) should be used. Do not use fabric softener.

are there online tutorials on how to use the system?

Yes, in addition to our app with over 150 training videos, you can always visit our YouTube channel: Playlists.

There you will find many EMS training videos and tutorials. 

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