The EMS technology behind EMS Body Workout


Being short on time is no longer an excuse.

Leads to maximum success in all target groups.

Works the waist, tummy, back, legs, and, glutes.

EMS Body Workout training is gaining popularity worldwide, drawing interest for its innovative approach to fitness. With a multitude of satisfied clients, this future-oriented training method is making waves. Why? The sessions are short, trendy, and incredibly effective! Discover more about the cutting-edge EMS technology we utilize below..


Exploring EMS Training

  • EMS, or Electric Muscle Stimulation, involves triggering muscle contractions through electrical impulses. These impulses, generated by a device, are delivered through electrodes placed on the skin surface above the targeted muscles.

  • By mimicking natural muscle movements and contractions, VisionBody EMS Body Workout offers comprehensive full-body training. It effectively stimulates all major muscle groups simultaneously, aiding in the pursuit of a fit and toned physique


How EMS Training Functions

  • Traditional strength training relies on the brain sending impulses to stimulate specific muscles to contract. However, some muscles lack a strong connection to the brain, making activation and development challenging.

  • VisionBody EMS Training addresses this by stimulating all major muscle groups, enhancing the development of motor nerve connections associated with muscle movement. Even weaker muscles can be activated by delivering electric impulses directly to these nerves.

  • Visionbody EMS Body Workout Training activates muscle fibers in a non-sequential order, leading to more intense training from the outset. This accelerated muscle fiber development results in more active muscle tissue, which increases the body's energy demands and burns more calories, even during rest!  


Discover the Efficiency of EMS Training

  • EMS Training utilizes electric impulses that mimic the body’s natural stimulus transductions, stimulating muscles through the adjustable full-body VisionBody PowerSuit Training. This cutting-edge technology offers the benefits of a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes, making it a time-efficient choice. With just 2 training sessions per week, you can achieve remarkable results!

  • VisionBody EMS Body Workout Training promotes muscle gain and fat loss, enhances calorie-burning capacity, and boosts metabolism


Discover the Benefits of EMS Training

  • Build muscle mass

  • Enhance posture

  • Achieve a toned physique 

  • Alleviate joint stress

  • Balance muscle development

  • Save time on your workouts


Want to book your EMS training?

  • Whether you would want us to come to your home or your office, we will come in and train with you at your place.

  • We offer our EMS training in the greater Chicago area. Click here to see more details about our service area.

  • If you have any questions, make sure to check out Frequently Asked Questions or Contact



But That's Not All!

At Visionbody, we've discovered that muscle training can be even more effective by combining low and medium frequencies in a specific way, like a "cocktail". Only this unique blend creates real deep muscular tension that feels natural, just like traditional training!


That’s why we're immensely proud of our EMS technology…


Fast-twitch muscle fibers (Type II) can typically only be trained with heavy weights and few repetitions, or with fast and explosive exercises like jumps. However, these "type II muscle fibers" are crucial for fat loss and overall health as we age.

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ems technology has been seen on


increase in strength


increase in breathing efficiency


muscle fiber recruitment

(vs. 40% in standard exercise)


increase in speed & explosiveness


improvement in waist-to-hip ratio


drop in total cholesterol

when compared to standard exercise *2022 mayo clinic study:  the impact of training with whole body ems  nct04288154 pdf  learn more...

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

how do i book my training session and where can i see the times you are available? 

You can book your EMS training online or app. You can start your EMS training booking online or through an app, and you can choose a day and time that works for you.  

do you have a location that i have to go to for my training?

You don’t have to go anywhere, we come to you. All our training sessions are done at our client’s homes or offices.

what areas do you go to?

We serve the greater Chicago area. Click here! to see a map and more detailed information about our service area.

why does it only take 20 minutes per session to work?

VisionBody EMS Body Workout training is remarkably efficient, requiring only 20 minutes per session, due to its unique stimulation of major muscle groups and development of motoric nerve connections crucial for muscle movement. By directly targeting these nerves with electric impulses, even weakly connected muscles are effectively activated.


The non-sequential activation of muscle fibers during EMS Body Workout Training allows for a more intense level of training right from the start. This promotes the accelerated growth of muscle fibers. The increase in active muscle tissue demands higher energy consumption, leading to more calorie burn, even at rest. Consequently, your body experiences effects equivalent to those of a traditional 3 hours of a traditional workout.

how does ems work?

In traditional strength training, the brain sends impulses to stimulate specific muscles to contract. EMS machines, on the other hand, intensify this process by mimicking these low-level electric impulses, leading to muscle contractions.

This stimulation replicates the natural movement and regular contractions of muscles, providing a form of natural muscle resistance akin to using weight machines in the gym.

what does it feel like?

EMS impulses are often likened to the pressure one feels during a massage.

is ems training effective for strength training and muscle toning?

Absolutely! EMS training offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Balancing the muscular system
  • Muscle toning
  • Fat burning
  • Strength training
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Reducing back pain
  • Relieving joint discomfort
  • Improving posture
  • Achieving a toned body
  • Facilitating injury rehabilitation 

are there any safety concerns?

Using this technology to work out carries no inherent danger. EMS is a widely embraced, contemporary training method by numerous studios worldwide. Our EMS machines are FDA-approved, and there have been no reported cases of muscular injury associated with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training sessions.

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