How to Do Your VisionBody EMS Training at Home

Before EMS Training: What Should I Consider?

To maximize your EMS workout, keep the following tips in mind for a simple, efficient, and enjoyable experience. Health always comes first, so listen to your body. Are you feeling fit for physical exertion? Can you safely manage any contraindications? If so, you’re ready to begin!EMs Body Workout Chicagoland offers cutting-edge full-body training utilizing the latest technology. This method effectively targets all major muscle groups simultaneously, assisting in attaining a sculpted and toned physique while optimizing time spent at the gym. With our EMs technology, you can experience the benefits equivalent to a 180-minute workout in just 20 minutes!


Hydration is Key before every EMS workout

Make sure to drink enough water before every EMS workout. Your body needs at least one and a half liters of fluids daily. During physical activity, you lose water through sweat. Proper hydration is crucial before an EMS session because the electrical conductivity of your skin depends on your fluid balance. When you're well-hydrated, electrical impulses can pass through the skin barrier more easily, making your training more comfortable


Preparing Your Body for VisionBody Home EMS Training

Before starting your EMS training, warm up your body to the right temperature. Spend 3-5 minutes preparing your muscles and getting them to sweat slightly under the electrodes. This ensures that training impulses are transmitted more effectively and that the stimulation is more comfortable. A proper warm-up also benefits your cardiovascular system and prevents injuries.

How to Put On Your VisionBody Power Suit

Follow these three tips to put on your VisionBody Power Suit correctly:

  • 1. Zipping Up: Start by closing the back zipper first on Powersuit, then secure the side zippers on legs of your PowerPants.

  • 2. Powerbox Storage: If you're training with PowerPants or the PowerSuit and are outdoors, store your powerbox in the designated pocket

  • 3. Dry Skin Solution: If you have dry skin, apply our electrode contact agent to the electrodes or directly onto your skin before putting on your VisionBody equipment. This will enhance conductivity and allow you to feel the impulses more intensely.

  • 4. For more information, stay conect with us VisionBodyChicagoand get the most out of your at-home EMS training!


After the Workout

  • 1. Regeneration: Finished your training? Great! Now support your muscles during recovery. We recommend using the special EMS regeneration programs to start your recovery right after your sessions. A good massage to relax and feel good is also beneficial.

  • 2. Cleaning: Hang your suit up to dry or place it in the supplied washing net for a wash cycle. If you want to learn more about how to care for your VisionBody textiles, we've summarized all the important tips for you in our FAQs....?

  • 3. Measure Your Success: To track your progress, use the smart diagnostic scales measure your body. This allows you to see your positive development in figures. Body fat percentage, BMI, heart rate, and much more.


In the new Visionbody App you will have full access to videos with suitable EMS exercises


Warm-up, Fat Burn, Strength Training, etc.


 Watch all the exercises on the TV and join in.


TAILORED VIDEOS TO MATCH YOUR OBJECTIVES Warm-up, cardio training, strength training, fat burning, and more..  

 visonbody traning vidio for your ems workout


Work Smart Not Harder


We want to ensure the EMS bodysuit fits properly to get the most out of your workout. It will take a few minutes to find the correct size for each client. Also, please ensure you arrive hydrated and have eaten a meal within 2 hours of the workout.


We will take time to sit down with you to discuss how EMS training will help you exceed your fitness goals.
If you are interested in WEIGHT LOSS FAST, do not wait and TRY IT NOW!


A member of Body Time Chicago's team will contact you to schedule your workout. Becasue it is your first visit, plan on spending about 30-40 minutes at the gym.


After spending a little time getting to know your trainer, you will begin the workout and learn why EMS produces results with just 20 minutes once a week.

benefits of ems training
how it works
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ems training for body toning

Experience the unparalleled benefits of VisionBody EMS training, uniquely designed to target muscle groups independently. By delivering impulses directly to targeted muscles, bypassing joints entirely, this innovative approach offers transformative results. Not only does it strengthen muscles effectively, but it also revolutionizes calorie utilization, making it a powerful tool for reducing body circumferences and subcutaneous fat deposits.


Utilizing Electro Muscle Stimulation, EMS training triggers muscle contractions that are 18 times stronger and more efficient than conventional workouts. With all muscles engaged simultaneously, just 20 minutes of effortless training yield remarkable outcomes. Electrodes strategically placed on key muscle groups ensure precise impulse delivery, maximizing effectiveness.


Embark on your journey to a toned body with VisonBody EMS training. Sculpt beautifully toned triceps, achieve a flat stomach, firm thighs, a lifted bottom, and a toned chest and upper body. It's simple, effective, and foolproof. You can't go wrong with WB VisionBody EMS training.

ems training for weight loss

VisionBody Whole Body EMS training offers an effective solution for sustainable weight loss and fat burning. Simply eating healthily isn't sufficient—you need consistent, targeted training to tackle stubborn fat areas. With VisionBody EMS training, you can focus on specific trouble spots such as your stomach, waist, hips, and thighs. This enables a continuous reduction in weight and body fat by building lean muscle mass.


During WB VisionBody EMS training, your metabolism remains highly active, leading to increased calorie burn even hours after the session. Over time, this leads to a higher basal metabolic rate through muscle gain. Coupled with a balanced diet, this approach ensures steady and sustainable weight loss. Women who train with VisonBody EMS have reported noticeable reductions in problem areas like the waist, hips, and thighs, along with toning in the chest and arms.


VisionBody WB EMS training offers a healthier, more cost-effective, and significantly more efficient alternative to traditional fitness methods. Experience it for yourself and witness the transformative power of this cutting-edge fitness regimen, imported from Europe/Germany. Don't just dream of the perfect body—achieve it effortlessly, in minimal time, and just steps away from your home in Chicago.

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ems training for fitness

WB EMS training is backed by science to deliver rapid, sustainable results that kickstart your fitness journey from day one. Through electrical impulses, every muscle group in your body is engaged, ensuring a comprehensive workout.


EMS VisionBody trainers will customize a program to elevate your fitness levels, leaving you feeling quicker, stronger, and more energized after just a few sessions. Muscular strength is fundamental for enhancing individual performance.


Achieving peak performance requires robust muscular stability, which can be challenging to target with conventional methods. This is where VisionBody EMS excels—by simultaneously activating the entire musculature, allowing for highly efficient training in minimal time.

explore ems training for post pregnancy fitness

After giving birth, muscle volume and strength typically decrease, and the connective tissue may become overstretched. VisionBody EMS offers optimal support for gently rebuilding specific muscles or muscle groups post-pregnancy.


Studies conducted by the University of Bayreuth have demonstrated that 75% of participants experienced good to very good results with pelvic floor exercises during whole-body EMS training. This is because electrical impulses during training strengthen the pelvic floor, primarily by stimulating the adductors and nerves that supply the pelvic floor muscles.


This stimulation occurs in the area of the abdominal and uterine electrodes. Therefore, the primary benefit of VisionBody EMS training is its ability to strengthen these muscles, potentially preventing incontinence after just a few sessions, particularly crucial after pregnancy and in later life. Learn more see blog, How Ems Can Help Rebuild And Strengthen The Pelvic Floor After Pregnancy........

explore ems training for back pain.

Back pain is increasingly prevalent today, often stemming from factors like sedentary lifestyles, prolonged sitting, obesity, stress, or strain. Understanding the underlying causes of back pain is crucial—the muscles and ligaments in your back support the bones of your spinal column.


In EMS training, specialized functional clothing with electrodes is worn, delivering electrical impulses throughout the body. Electrodes are strategically placed on the EMS vest to target the lower back directly, stimulating the muscles in that area.


Unlike traditional fitness equipment, which typically targets larger muscle groups, EMS training offers a more targeted approach for alleviating lower back pain. By strengthening the muscles in the lower back, the body becomes more stable, and posture improves. Additionally, VisionBody WB EMS training activates even the deep muscles in the back, which are often neglected in traditional strength training routines.

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science, asked more questions!

ems technology has been seen on


increase in strength


increase in breathing efficiency


muscle fiber recruitment

(vs. 40% in standard exercise)


increase in speed & explosiveness


improvement in waist-to-hip ratio


drop in total cholesterol

when compared to standard exercise *2022 mayo clinic study:  the impact of training with whole body ems  nct04288154 pdf learn more......



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